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To obtain a free 30-day trial license of Mobile Speak, Mobile Magnifier or Mobile Color Recognizer for Symbian phones, please enter the Code Factory product serial number in the "Serial Number" field below, and the corresponding trial license number will be automatically generated. Please note that the product serial number is not the same as the phone's IMEI/serial number. It is specific to the Code Factory product you have installed on your phone, and the serial number is different for each component (e.g., text-to-speech voice, the Magnifier, or Mobile Tools). If you need help in finding the Code Factory product serial number, please click here for instructions.

Then simply enter the trial license number in the same "Register now" screen from where you also copied the product serial number, and Mobile Speak, Mobile Magnifier or Mobile Color Recognizer will be licensed for 30 days. Please type all the digits of the license number WITHOUT spaces.

Before you begin, please check that your mobile phone is compatible with Mobile Speak for Symbian phones:; Mobile Magnifier for Symbian Phones; or Mobile Color Recognizer

If you encounter problems with generating the trial license using this online form, please send an email to

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How to find the serial number

To determine the product serial number that is specific to your device, please install first the latest version of Mobile Speak or Mobile Magnifier for Symbian Phones:

After a successful installation, go into the Mobile Speak configuration screen by pressing Edit then Right softkey, or using the shortcut "Configure Mobile Speak" inside a folder called "Mobile Speak" in the main menu of application shortcuts. Note that some phones (e.g., the Nokia N75) automatically place the Mobile Speak shortcuts in a different folder like "Games and Apps". Next, press the Left softkey for the "Options" list, arrow down to "Register now", and hit Enter. Select Mobile Speak, then the TTS voice if you have more than one installed, or Mobile Magnifier. The serial number for that component will be displayed and spoken.
It is very important that you copy all the characters of the serial number correctly because the trial license will be based on this. Remember that Mobile Speak serial numbers and their corresponding license codes are TTS-specific. Further, although they require separate license codes, Mobile Speak and Mobile Magnifier are included in the same installation package but you do not need to activate both just to use one.

Please note that while using a trial license, you cannot change the date or the time of the phone. Changing the date or time beyond these limits will automatically lock the trial license, without any chance to recover it. Remember that you can only get 30-day trial licenses for your phone just once, so you cannot request trial licenses again when the trial period is over or the license has expired already. Product activations can be purchased from your nearest local distributor. check our list of dealers at If there is no distributor in your country, please contact our sales department at for further assistance.

If you installed more than one TTS voice with Mobile Speak, make sure to select the same voice with the serial number used to generate the trial license number that you are about to enter on your phone. The phone will then restart (or on Symbian 9 phones, it will suggest to restart the phone) and Mobile Speak or Mobile Magnifier will be fully functional for 30 days without any limitation.

If you wish to access your phone using both speech output and screen magnification, you have to enter separate license numbers for Mobile Speak and Mobile Magnifier.

Similarly, each application in our Mobile Tools product line (e.g., Mobile Color Recognizer) requires a different license code that is linked with their respective serial number. Note that the serial number for these products can be found within each application, not in the Mobile Speak configuration screen.

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